John Skinner
November 2, 2013 | BC's antiquated liquor laws | John Skinner

B.C Liquor Policy Review

Tuesday Oct 29th, thanks to my good friend MLA Dan Ashton I had the opportunity to sit down with MLA John Yap and Suneil Karod from Suzanne Anton's office. I was incredibly impressed that they would take the time to speak with me and more impressed with their keen interest to know and understand my position on specific issues. While many of the "low hanging fruit issues" like farmers markets and wine for educational purposes seemed like done deals, I was very impressed with their willingness to tackle the bigger isssues. I got my two cents in about a flat tax and I'm very happy I did. If implemented fairly the tax will benefit producers of more expensive wines more than less expensive wines. That essentially pits true BC wine producers against the producers of CIC wines who trade on our good name and should be listed in the International Section of BCLDB and elsewhere. I made that point loud and clear and I asked John Yap to please side with BC Wines and implement it. We do more than make wine, we provide the experiences that foster tourism and grow our wine culture which creates jobs. I felt very well heard and left with a sense that this review is very genuine, change is coming, and I'm confident for the good.

I was also able to reinforce the message from the Modernize Wine Association, of which I'm a director, to these gentlemen, to call on us when issues arise. We have to put behind us the days when issues like the Rio Theatre and wine auctions at the Belfry blindside the government. We are there as a resource to provide industry wide, constructive feedback and solutions to problems as they appear.

Here's hoping!!



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