Our pursuit of pure terroir expression.

  • Uncompromising. Since our beginning a conscious decision has been made to never cut corners. Our property has the potential and it is up to us to realize it.
  • Collaborative winemaking. Consultant Alain Sutre of Ertus Consulting in Bordeaux oversees the vineyard and winemaking team, lead locally by Gabriel Reis.
  • 100% single varietal wines. All varietally labelled wines are true single varieties.
  • Hand harvested. To ensure pristine berries, only undamaged clusters are harvested, gently destemmed and hand sorted.
  • No transportation. With our winery and vineyard onsite, there is no travel or delay between harvesting and processing, and no environmental impact from grape transportation.
  • Unfiltered. Our red wines are never filtered to ensure their most complete expression.
  • Renewable Energy. Solar panels were installed on our winery in 2017 to provide the power needs for the estate.



Winemaking at Painted Rock is collaborative. Consultant Alain Sutre of Ertus Consulting in Bordeaux oversees the vineyard and winemaking team, lead locally by Gabriel Reis. At Painted Rock, there is a deep understanding that winemaking begins in the vineyard. We use only fruit grown on our single estate vineyard, and never comingle or purchase additional fruit. Through cropping and canopy management we methodically control the yield and ripening schedule to ensure consistency from vintage-to-vintage (see Our Vineyard for details).

Each vineyard block is individually hand picked and destemmed with individual berries sorted to ensure only flawless fruit is kept. From there the blocks are broken into small batch lots and each is fermented separately. Our red varieties are cold soaked on their skins for four days followed by a further 21 days on their skins in tank. Our chardonnay is cool fermented at 16 degrees. During fermentation pump overs take place twice daily until fermentation is complete. The resulting individual wines are placed into carefully selected barrels and routinely tasted over the following 18 months as they mature. The barrels that will be blended to create the Red Icon are chosen first for their specific attributes with single varietals of the component wines made in vintages that allow for it. Finally, the resulting wines are bottled without filtering to ensure a true expression of the variety.


In our first vintages, we used 100% new oak. This was not just because stylistically it was necessary with the fruit from our youthful vines, but also a testament to our commitment to winery hygiene and continuity. We will never comingle another winery’s used oak with our own in order to maintain control over the complete winemaking experience. Currently we use a combination of approximately 30% new and 70% second fill oak. All oak used is French, aside from a small portion of new Seguin Moreau American Oak used for our Syrah each vintage.


Seguin Moreau (French + American)
Saury (French)
Bel Air (French)
Demptos (French)
Nadalie (French)