John Skinner
December 8, 2013 | John Skinner

There's gunk in my glass

The most exciting reality of our "journey" is the simple fact that we don't know how good our wines can be but we are determined to find out. That said, we intentionally take bigger risks in this pursuit. One significant risk we take is that we do not filter our wines so there is a decent likelihood of sediment in our reds. While filtering is necessary and logical for the majority of wines produced it also can strip the magic. Essentially filtering creates predictable and enjoyable wines but I don't want to make the same wine every time, I want to make the best wine every time. This requires the understanding and patience of our customers, but I hope you all agree, it's worth it. I once received an email from a very nice lady in Penticton who mentioned that she and her husband had utterly enjoyed a bottle of our '08 Cab but when they emptied the bottle there was "gunk in my glass". I phoned her and explained what it was that she had encountered and why and now have a loyal Painted Rock supporter who looks upon sediment a little differently. Another time I got an email from someone with an attached photo of an empty decanter with sediment on the side. At our last year's Painted Rock Christmas dinner we enjoyed a bottle of '89 Margaux and when the decanter was emptied I took the identical picture. Those guys don't strip the magic so neither will we.

P.S. I have decided to mention that the wines are "Unfiltered" on our label in future vintages



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