Great wines reflect the quality of the land, the climate, and the people who bring everything to fruition. Our winemaking team is headed by proprietor John Skinner in close collaboration with Bordeaux-based consultant Alain Sutre, who defines winemaking protocol, advises on viticulture, integrates vineyard and winery, blends, and teaches. Our Assistant Winemaker Gabe Reis, is on site full-time to implement Alain's instructions and benefit from his tutelage. Teamwork and a shared passion for quality support Painted Rock in its vision to produce exceptional wines. Painted Rock encourages each member of our diverse and skilled team to contribute their expertise and broaden their own experience in striving towards our collective goals. The Okanagan Valley has been producing increasingly good wines, and the opportunity to produce great wines has arrived. Painted Rock is extremely optimistic about the potential of the Okanagan as a region, and we are particularly optimistic about our role in this exciting winemaking community. John and Trish Skinner are not only making wines for their family and friends to enjoy now—they are intent on making iconic wines that will be savoured by generations to come.