Painted Rock is a legacy family business. The Skinner's dream of having their own vineyard was born after spending time exploring wineries in the South of France, appreciating the sense of place, the commitment to the land and unique generational promise this journey offers.

As a child, John remembers digging for artifacts with his father near their home on Vancouver Island. John's father had a passion for archeology and when he passed away, John wanted to find a way to honour his memory. Recently, John came across an article from 1972 that featured his father after finding Indian artifacts buried in the Comox Valley. For John, this symbolized the relevance of history and the importance of place, and it has played a significant role in the philosophy, as well as the naming, of Painted Rock. Painted Rock refers to the ancient pictographs that were found painted on the rocks behind the vineyard bluffs. When John discovered the pictographs, he knew that they were significant not only for his family, but also for the community. John contacted the local First Nations band to understand their meaning, and when he learned that they were symbolic of a spirit walk, or a coming of age, he knew that he had found the name for his winery.

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